Melanie Cale
(nee Schopp) is the ex-wife of John Cale and mother of Emily Cale

She was portrayed by Rachelle Lefevre.

White House DownEdit

It was mentioned that Emily was concieved out of wedlock and they got married upon learning of this. Their relationship was strained as a result and the two would eventually get divorced, resulting in Emily not respecting her father. Melanie was present at the White House, worrying about the fate of her daughter.

Melanie answered the door to John, who was late to pick Emily up and she tells him that Emily is angry because he missed her talent show. She later hears Emily's name on the news when the White House was under attack and soon ran to see Killick holding Emily from a TV. Later, when the hostages evacuate the White House, she approaches Donnie about Emily. Upon hearing Emily is still inside, she runs off to find her and Donnie reluctantly accompanies her. She was the first person to congratulate Emily when she waved the air strike off and later witnessed Eli's arrest alongside Emily and let's her go with John and the President. Donnie soon asks if she would like a tour of the White House when it is fully repaired and she accepts.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Melanie was named after Melanie Mitchel from Air Force One.

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