Presidency of James Sawyer
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46th President of the United States
Vice President Alvin Hammond
Personal details
Born James William Sawyer
United States of America
Spouse(s) Alison Sawyer
Children Amber Sawyer

The Presidency of James Sawyerbegan at noon EST on January 20, 2013, when he became the 46th President of the United States.


It is suspected that in the film universe he was the second African-American president of the United States, presumably born in the south judging by his last name of Sawyer.

His policy decisions have addressed a serious war on poverty, which he believes is the root of all crime. He also implemented the controversial Middle East Peace Treaty after pulling troops out of the Middle East, which was met with skepticism but later signed by numerous world powers including China, Russia, Israel and Iran. He is also famous for a failed invasion of Iran while searching for WMDs, which cast a dark shadow over his first term as President, similar to what happened with George W. Bush. Among the other accomplishments or concerns of his presidency, Sawyer was focused on global warming, foreign aid and global financial crisis, according to the film's website.

He was taken hostage during the infamous 2014 White House Siege, and he, with the help of Special Agent John Cale, fought off politically-motivated mercenaries and terrorists, resulting in exposing corruption with the Military Industrial Complex and getting his peace treaty signed. Sawyer is mostlikely re-elected as a result of his heroic leadership in a time of crisis.

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President of the United States
January 20, 2013-present
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