Ritter was one of Emil Stenz's mercenaries and a supporting antagonist in White House Down.

He was played by Andreas Apergis.

White House DownEdit

Ritter is first seen entering the White House with Skip Tyler, Vadim, Chen and some other mercenaries. His group of mercenaries is seemingly composed of a mixture of extreme right-wingers and military types. "Right-wing sociopath" Carl Killick seemingly leads the group and gives them orders; Stenz also refers to them as Killick's men. Killick ordered Ritter to find John Cale, after he escaped the Blue Room.

Ritter is dressed like a typical military man, and like Killick, seems to have something of a supremacist appearance, judging from his tattoos and style.


When he finds John Cale, he attempts to kill him. Cale flees back into the bathroom he had been searching for Emily in, with Ritter in pursuit.

He kicks the door open and holds Cale at gunpoint. Cale pretends to be terrified in order to catch Ritter off balance. He denies he has a gun when asked; begging Ritter not to hurt him, as he has a daughter. Ritter lowers his gun, ordering Cale to get up. Cale agrees, then suddenly shoots Ritter with a pistol from underneath his legs, hitting him twice.

As Ritter collapses, he attempts to machine gun Cale, but Cale evades him. He then unintentionally sprays the bathroom with indiscriminate bullets, including Cale's phone before finally falling down dead. An angry Cale remarks that it was "close", before kicking Ritter's body twice, and exclaiming, "You think you're tough, bitch!?"

Ritter was the first terrorist to die. Cale took his radio and his weapon. As a result, he was able to both rescue President James Sawyer from the clutches of Martin Walker, and listen in on the mercenaries' communications, enabling them to evade them effectively.